Overview of our SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Services

Centurion Technologies possesses a vast amount of experience in the development of web-based, client/server and n-tier architectures. We have developed custom data-driven solutions in many vertical markets including medical, government, publishing, shipping and distribution, manufacturing, accounting and more.

We utilize the latest technologies on the market to employ our software solutions including (but not limited to): Microsoft .NET Framework, IIS, Web Services, SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, MS Access, PHP, COM, Java, JavaScript, Jquery, XML and SOAP.

Security Upgrades

Concerned about the security of your data and your customers data in the open environment we function in today? Of course you are! Centurion has many years' experience insuring that our clients (from government to medical to armored car companies) have the most secure application and database security possible. From HIPPA, PCI compliance, OWASP, or simply multi-key encryption, we design and maintain our applications to protect hospital patient records, credit card transactions, sensitive employee information, fund transfers, anywhere sensitive or confidential data is involved.

Database Solutions

Centurion's database designers offer a variety of database design and custom application development services centered around our core expertise with SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL and Oracle databases. Our professional database design and software application development services range from optimizing a SQL Server database or converting a legacy MS Excel or MS Access application you may have outgrown, to creating a new SQL database/.NET solution from scratch.

Systems Analysis and Design

In the same way that you wouldn't build a house without an architect, any significant amount of software development should not be done without clearly documented software design specifications. We offer software analysis and design services for projects of all sizes. We operate across a wide range of industries, and have the relevant specialist experience for developing software appropriate for various business functions such as publishing, healthcare, government budgeting, inventory control and distribution, accounting and personnel, to name a few. Whether you are ready to grow your business through technology, optimize your core processes or work flow, strategically plan for the future, or even need help rescuing a software project that's success is in jeopardy, we can help!

Performance Enhancements

Is your application running slower than you expect or once did? Before throwing hardware resources at the problem, allow Centurion to evaluate and possibly redesign your application or database to take full advantage of the latest operating system, database and development software technology. Often a minor change will allow you to leverage your existing hardware and extend the functional life of your systems.

Mobile Applications

Centurion Technologies develops custom mobile software applications and software development services for most handheld mobile devices. We stay abreast of the latest technology to deliver the most cost-effective and powerful mobile wireless solutions to suit your specific needs.

Combined with our client/server development and integration services, we can develop a complete mobile / wireless solution for your company.

SPECIALTY services

SharePoint Development

When "out-the-box" functionality is unable to meet your specific business requirements, you may choose to opt for custom development on top of SharePoint. With systems integration, our SharePoint developers are able to connect those systems with SharePoint to pass and access data throughout your organization.

Microsoft Office Integration

Whether you require full-scale Access application development, worker collaboration solutions using SharePoint, Outlook customizations, or the integration of Office applications with third-party applications (e.g. QuickBooks, etc.) to achieve greater efficiency, Centech can provide a custom solution tailored to your business needs and financial objectives.

Google/Bing API collections

Our programmers are experienced in Google/Bing API development. Our professional team will connect your application to any of Google's/Bing's many services including Adwords, Maps, Search and all the rest. Generate traffic, increase revenue and add to your application the experience of your users with the many services available through Google and Bing.

IBM Websphere Development

Centech has successfully developed a "start to finish" system using J2EE and WebSphere in an IBM environment including data collection and reporting. Let us know if you have requirements in this area.

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